Bodega Rioja Marques de Terán

Perfect Mix tradition and modernity

tradition, technology & innovation . Ollauri, Rioja Alta The best soil, climate and natural conditions �
all grapes are picked-up by hand guarantying the best fruit selection �
transport in 17 kg cases keeps the grape untouched and in perfect conditions �
Lab control and personal care for processing the best selection of grapes and “only grapes” �
architectural design for a new functional concept�
State of the art technologies for innovating in quality production�. geothermic instead of non-renewable energies for keeping a constant temperature control of CO2 emissions first winery worldwide in applying the geothermic �
Innovative maceration system extracts all benefits from the grape skin, full color, particles and aromas Application of dry ice in pissage tanks before the introduction of grapes. Refrigeration sheet all around the tanks. Fermentation at 5ºC-7ºC. Ultimate smooth-pissage control system. Maceration takes place before, during and after fermentation. �
isolated oak barrel system at natural conditions for a perfect aging �
recognition : sustainability: the “cleanest” winery for its control of CO2 emissions innovation: for its design & natural integration healthiness: highest-ever resveratrol content in wines �
quality awards . the choice
Other recognitions
main prizes & recognitions
attraction . exclusivity ecology

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Where we are

  • Marqués de Terán
    Crta. Najera Km.1 - 26220 Ollauri
    La Rioja
  • Tel.: +34 941 338 373

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